Bulletin sx6.4 - 2003 Sep 18

SX6 Users:

  1. TX-7's are now available for use (tx700/tx701). Please test your login.

    tx700 is and tx701 is .53
  2. The /gfs/* file systems are also now available. NEC has copied your files from the sx616 file systems to the gfs file systems, so data should be the same in both locations. sx617 data is not replicated on /gfs. the gfs file systems appear to the tx7 as local and native XFS file systems.

    gfs is accessed like NFS. So on both sx616 and sx617:

    tx7gfs:/nmoc/keep        50G    128M             50G     0% /gfs/nmoc/keep
    tx7gfs:/nmoc/rt         150G     79M            150G     0% /gfs/nmoc/rt
    tx7gfs:/nmoc/tmp         50G  3.3M               50G     0% /gfs/nmoc/tmp
    tx7gfs:/bmdata           50G   15G               35G    30% /gfs/bmdata
    tx7gfs:/csdata          100G  1.7M              100G     0% /gfs/csdata
    tx7gfs:/bmrcshare        50G  3.4M               50G     0% /gfs/bmrcshare
  3. The network performance issue is believed to be resolved. Please report any further network performance issues.

  4. NQS II continues to have a problem from gale. NQS II works elsewhere. You can submit NQS II batch from gale if you use the -o option to route output to one of the sx6 nodes. eg. #PBS -o sx616:/bm/home/user/outputfile

  5. There has been some inconsistency in the treatment of SX6 problem reports. In order to provide the best service we advise the following conventions are recommended.

    Submitting SX-6 problems through req, or via <hpchelp@hpccc.gov.au> with cc:<systems@sx.nec.com.au> are the best methods to ensure visibility.

    Web submissions are preferred as email submissions require a manual transcription into req.

    If you MUST submit SX6 problems by email rather than via the web interface, please use a subject: line as follows:

    SX6-Compilers <descriptive text> --> for compiler and cross systems issues
    SX6-Network <descriptive text>   --> communications issues including the HQ-NEC trunk
    SX6-NQSII <descriptive text>     --> all scheduling issues
    SX6-OS <descriptive text>        --> all SUPER-UX issues
    SX6-Other <descriptive text>     --> issues not falling into the above categories

    If you use the web interface at http://intra.hpsc.csiro.au/cgi-bin/wreq/req (linked from http://intra.hpsc.csiro.au/ as "Report a problem to HPCCC via web" ) you can set the System, Problem type, and Priority, and can set it as a "todo" item for a particular HPCCC staff member or NEC apps* or systems group.

    * Note that for the SX6 conversion, NEC apps should not be directly "employed on your problem" because their workload is being managed by HPCCC.

    In both the "req"(default) list and the "Systems" list you will find that Len has added the SX-6 and TX-7 to the "System:" menu choices. There were already categories under the "Problem Type:" menu for Compiler/System Software ; Scheduling/ERS ; Network/Communication ; Other; and he has added NQS to the list (to cover NQS for SX-5 systems and NQSII for SX-6) although some NQS problems turn out to be scheduling/ERS problems.


Philip Tannenbaum
Manager HPCCC

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