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The DMF Users Group was started in 2009 to provide a forum for sites using the SGI Data Migration Facility HSM software to provide assistance and encouragement to each other, and to provide feedback to SGI.

While we are grateful for the encouragement and support provided by SGI and associated vendors, DMFUG is independent of those companies and operates using facilities provided by its members.

These facilities include a mailing list, this web-site and face-to-face meetings, which are held on a member's premises approximately once a year. So far, these meetings have all taken place in various locations in Australia.

Members have also prepared "wish-lists" of their most desired DMF enhancements, and these have been submitted to SGI Engineering to help with their prioritisation of feature implementation. These have been quite successful, with at least 8 requested features appearing by DMF 6.2.

2014 Wish-List

A new wish-list has been voted on and forwarded to SGI DMF Engineering. You can see the voting results here.

Mailing List

To join the list, SGI customers using DMF and SGI staff should email dmfug-request©lists·hpsc·csiro·au with the word "subscribe" as either the subject or the text of the mail.
Alternatively, you can fill out the membership request form at

Archives of previous postings can be found at


The next meeting will take place at the University of New South Wales in Sydney on 18 - 19 February 2015.
Further details can be found here and updates will be circulated via the mailing list closer to the date.
Queries should be sent to dmfug-meeting©lists·hpsc·csiro·au

A PDF file of statistics about past DMFUG meetings can be found here.


SGI User Group

The DMF Users Group works in collaboration with the SGI User Group (SGIUG).

Last updated 29th January 2015